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Speed Cameras

The vast majority of speed camera cases go unchallenged and yet there may well have been a possible defence. All the speed measuring devices must be properly calibrated and the officers using them must be properly trained and use them correctly. Most speed cameras have an operational manual that should be followed. Also the police must follow their own guidelines 'the ACPO guidelines'. If the contrary can be shown you may have a defence to the allegation of speeding.

Speed Measuring Devices

There are a vast number of different speed measuring devices used by the police. The main categories of devices used are:

GATSO Speed Cameras

'GATSO' speed cameras (full name Gatsometer) are the most widely used speed cameras. Static GATSO cameras are the cameras with the grey or yellow boxes that can be seen throughout the UK. These cameras take photographs of cars from behind as they go past the camera and over a number of marks on the road.

Truvelo Speed Cameras

Because GATSO speed cameras take a picture from behind the car some drivers use this to try to get round being identified as the driver. Truvelo cameras are therefore becoming more numerous as they photograph cars from the front.


A handheld radar is sometimes the device used when a police officer appears at the side of the road. Radars are now less frequently used by the police as they are often unreliable in comparison to lasers. A known problem is interference from items at the side of the road that result in an inaccurate reading. Also there can be problems when more than one vehicle is in range at the same time.

Laser Devices

Laser speed guns are now widely used by the police. The police officer using the gun must in order to get an accurate reading aim the gun at a fixed point, which is a flat surface on your car, and without any movement in the operators hands. If the officer accidentally moves the gun down the side of the car the reading becomes inaccurate and may give the impression that the car was moving faster than it really was.

SPECS System Speed Cameras

These cameras are becoming more numerous as they measure the time it takes for the car to travel between two fixed points which can be up to a mile apart. It will then be possible to work out the average speed of the vehicle between those two points. With these devices the police are hoping to catch those drivers who speed but just slow down momentarily when they come to a camera.

VASCAR and Police Pilot

VASCAR and Police Pilot are used by police if they give chase to a car. They are used to calculate the average speed of a vehicle over a set distance. However, the police sometimes incorrectly measure the speed if they miscalculate the distance over which the vehicle travelled.

Even if you are guilty of a speed camera offence we may be able to help you get fewer points or avoid disqualification. For further information in relation to speeding generally please see speeding.


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